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July 22, 2018 - A Float North

Jim's favorite street sign On occasion, the Des Moines River receives enough water that it allows a very special journey to happen.  This comes as a mixed blessing as the amount of water that allows the fun times also over-ran our sump and took out our basement, but as the saying goes, when life gives you lemons... trade them for limes and squeeze into a Corona. It is worth mentioning here that we travel with a chart plotter, a depth finder and all the safety equipment.  If you are new to the journey, find somebody to follow, or better, talk to them and tell them you are new.  They may show you some interesting things along the way. ugh. This journey started on July 22, a beautiful Sunday of sun and low 80s with a nice breeze. We launched from Cherry Glen boat ramp, which had just opened the previous Friday, also due to the high water.  The water level on Saylorville Reservoir was at at 875 feet above sea level. Normal pool for the lake is 836, so this gave